Ron Hood death

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Ron Hood death

Postby LDS » Thu Jun 23, 2011 7:24 pm

For those of you that have not heard Ron Hood passed away yesterday morning.

He lost his short battle with cancer, probably imposed on him by his servive in South East Asia and exposure to Agent Orange. While others were hiding in the Canadian wilderness he was serving his country.

Ron had a Phd in Wellness/Fitness/Recreation and was a professor with the University of California system teaching wilderness/survival skills. Yes, you can get college credit from real professors in wilderness survival.

Ron is survived by his wife Karen and his son Jessie.
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Re: Ron Hood death

Postby Kingoftheflock » Sun Jun 26, 2011 2:17 am

the founder of the hoodlum forum? damn thats too bad... my prayers out to his family.

a friend of my dads named Art Leckie once upon a time was drafted into Vietnam and got covered by agent orange on multiple occasions, he went on to become the best gunsmith in the area, people from as far as Maine came to him all the way to rural PA to buy his custom flintlocks and shotguns. he smoked and drank alot and died of 7 forms of cancer at the same time about 6 years ago. i was actually going to be his apprentice believe it or not...

but seriously, thanks to everyone who served and risked their lives for our existence as a nation, especially to the ones on this forum.

and yea, im finally back :P
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