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General Fiction    Children & Teens

General Fiction
The Earth's Children series
by Jean M. Auel
A series of 5 books, depicting life in prehistoric times.  These books are a gold-mine of primitive survival tips interwoven throughout the story.
(For those who are concerned about such matters, these books contain explicit sexual content.)
The Clan of the Cave Bear (#1)
by Jean M. Auel
The story starts with Ayla, the main character of this series, being found by the people of the "Clan." She grows up among them.
The Valley of Horses (#2)
by Jean M. Auel
This second book is mostly about Ayla's life by herself after she has been expelled from the "clan", mainly for simply being different. She befriends horses and a lion, and saves her to-be boyfriend Jondalar from the lion.
The Mammoth Hunters (#3)
by Jean M. Auel
With a plot a little slower than the previous two books, this is the tale of Ayla's life among her own kind of people, along with Jondalar.
The Plains of Passage (#4)
by Jean M. Auel
Ayla and Jondalar undertake a long journey west to return to his people.
The Shelters of Stone (#5)
by Jean M. Auel
The fifth book takes place entirely in the home region of Jondalar, Ayla's "mate".
I found this book to move very slowly plot-wise. However, like the others in the series, it is chock-full of primitive survival lore.
Mutant Message Down Under
by Marlo Morgan
For more information on this book, please visit the Mutant Message Down Under section of the Leatherwood Trail website. This will tell you what the Aboriginal people of Australia think about it (hint: they dislike it intensely).
While some people find this book illuminating, others find it deeply offensive.  Here is a review of the book by one who finds it so:
"I read this book before being aware of any of the controversy surrounding it.  I found it to be the most offensive book I have ever read about native people anywhere.  The author portrays the natives of Australia as wonderful, touchy-feely, new-agey enlightened beings. This book was obviously written to appeal to the die-hard new-ager crowd. There are a great many aspects to the story that simply don't jive with common sense or reality. Don't waste your time. There's plenty of other, much more worthwhile books to spend your time reading."
Ender's Shadow
by Orson Scott Card
Ender’s Shadow is the long awaited companion novel to the SciFi classic and award winning, "Ender’s Game" by Orson Scott Card. The setting is a battle school for brilliant children being trained to defend Earth against an alien invasion. The subject matter, though, is very down to earth, and very related to Scout mentality and psychological warfare. The portrayal of the main character is one of great awareness, cunning and strategy, with a close look at the strategies of survival in a variety of situations. The early part of the book is particularly interesting, taking place among street gangs of children on the streets of Rotterdam. Personally, I think this would be a great novel regardless of whether SciFi is normally to your liking. The psychology and character development make it an interesting book about Scout mentality in any setting.
(review by Peter Wiinholt)
Last of the Breed
by Louis L'Amour
An EXCELLENT story of a part-native navy pilot who is kidnapped by the Soviets but escapes. This is the story of his flight across Siberia towards freedom. Many survival and evasion (scout) skills are described, as he is quite skilled in these areas. A fast-moving  and well-written story! You won't be bored.

Hanta Yo
Ruth Beebe Hill
This book is the culmination of 25 years of research assisted by a full-blooded Dakotah Sioux. It is the story of the Siouan peoples before white influence - written from the Siouan perspective - following their daily and seasonal activities. A slow read because it's so packed full of information.
Children & Teens
Julie of the Wolves
by Jean Craighead George
ISBN 0-06-440058-1
A remarkable story of an Eskimo girl who runs away from home and survives on her own in the Alaskan Arctic wilderness, with the assistance and friendship of a pack of wolves.
Highly recommended.
Sees Behind Trees
by Michael Dorris
A remarkably spiritual tale of a young native Indian boy who has extremely poor eyesight.   He learns how to "see" with his other senses, including his inner vision (although it's not called that in the story).  An excellent book!
Excerpt from the book: "Your body will remember where it has been if you let it.   It recalls what's familiar - but not as your mind does.  With your mind you stand outside the world and look in.  With your body you are inside already."