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300 (or so) Fungi That I Have Eaten
(for better or for worse)

by Storm

Read disclaimer about eating wild fungi

While you shouldn’t blindly repeat what I’ve done here, I have a strong desire to help regain lost ethnobotanical (in this case, ethnomycological) knowledge. Hence, I put a lot of Nature in my mouth. There can be serious repercussions with experimentation like this, especially with certain genera like Cortinarius, Lepiota and Amanita. I study and research as much as I can.

I have eaten all of the mushrooms listed below. I have eaten all of them cooked. Where noted, I have also eaten them raw.

To give you the mainstream view regarding the edibility of these species, I’ve included Edibility information (right after the Common Names) that I’ve gleaned from the major field guides and websites pertaining to this discipline. If a Y (Yes) follows the Common Name, then the species is generally considered edible by mycologists. An N (No) indicates the contrary, while a P (or P?) denotes at least the possibility of gastric upset (or even death, depending on the species and your personal chemical makeup).

Be aware that, similar to allergic reactions amongst us to peanuts, seafood and wheat, the same hold true for the Fungi Kingdom. Raw Oyster Mushrooms make me vomit, and Honey Mushrooms usually do not agree with my stomach. But others can eat them with impunity. Indeed, some people suffer after consuming seemingly innocuous Chanterelles! A Question Mark (?) illustrates our ignorance regarding the edibility status of that species.

In order for a fungus to make the following list, I had to eat at least one whole, cooked mushroom (or chopped it up in a tea, in the case of the woody polypores) on three occasions. Any ill effects suffered on my part are noted.

Fungi of the Olympic Peninsula, Washington State

  • I have eaten all of these cooked
  • I have eaten these raw where noted
Scientific Names Common Names Ediblity
according to
the field guides
I've eaten
this species
Agaricus abruptibulbous Bulbous Woodland Agaricus Y N
Agaricus augustus The Prince Y Y
Agaricus campestris Meadow M Y Y
Agaricus comtulus Almond Meadow M Y Y
Agaricus praeclaresquamosus Flat-Topped Agaricus P? N
Agaricus silvaticus Red-Staining Agaricus Y N
Agaricus silvicola group Woodland Agaricus Y N
Agaricus smithii ? Y N
Agrocybe praecox Spring Agrocybe Y N
Aleuria aurantia Orange Fairy Cup Y Y
Amanita constricta Constricted Grisette Y N
Amanita pachycolea Western Grisette Y N
Amanita vaginata Grisette Y N
Armillaria ostoyae (mellea) Honey M Y Y (GI upset)
Baeospora myriadophylla Lavender Baeospora N N
Bisporella sp. (citrina?) Yellow Fairy Cup ? Y
Bolbitius vitellinus Sunny Side Up Y Y
Boletus barrowsii White King Bolete Y Y
Boletus chrysenteron Cracked Cap Bolete Y N
Boletus edulis King Bolete Y Y
Boletus flaviporus Viscid Bolete Y N
Boletus fragrans ? ? N
Boletus mirabilis Admirable Bolete Y Y
Boletus pulverulentus ? Y N
Boletus rubripes Red-Stemmed Bitter Bolete ? N
Boletus subtomentosus Yellow Cracked-Cap Bolete Y N
Boletus zelleri Zeller's Bolete Y N
Bondarzewia berkeleyi Pale Bondarzew's Polypore ? N
Bondarzewia montana Bondarzew's Polypore ? N
Bovista pila Tumbling Puffball Y Y
Bovista plumbea Small Tumbling Puffball Y Y
Calocera cornea Club-Like Tuning Fork Y Y
Caloscypha fulgens Snowbank Orange Peel Fungus ? Y
Cantharellus formosus (cibarius) Pacific Golden Chanterelle Y Y
Cantharellus infundibuliformis Winter Chanterelle Y Y
Cantharellus subalbidus White Chanterelle Y Y
Cantherellus (Gomphus) bonari Orange Wooly Chanterelle ? Y
Chroogomphus tomentosus Wooly Pine Spike Y N
Clavaria vermicularis Worm Coral Y Y
Clavariadelphus pistillaris Common Club Coral Y N
Clavulina cinerea Ashy Coral M Y N
Clavulinopsis corniculata ? ? N
Clavulinopsis laeticolor Golden Fairy Club ? N
Clitocybe cyathiformis ? ? N
Clitocybe nebularis Cloudy Clitocybe Y Y
Clitocybe nuda Blewit Y Y
Clitocybe obsoleta or C. fragrans Slim Anise M Y Y
Clitocybe oromophila an Anise M ? Y
Clitopilus prunulus Sweetbread M Y N
Collybia maculata Spotted Collybia N N
Coltricia cinnamomea Fairy Stool N N
Coltricia perennis Elegant Fairy Stool N N
Coprinus atramentarius Inky Cap Y N
Coprinus comatus Shaggy Mane Y Y
Coprinus micaceus Mica Cap Y Y
Cortinarius cinnamomeo-luteus Cinnamon Cort P? N
Cortinarius collinitus Belted Slimy Cort Y N
Cortinarius violaceus Violet Cort Y N
Crepidotus herbarum   ? N
Crepidotus mollis Jelly Crep ? N
Cryptoporus volvatus Veiled Polypore ? N
Cyathus striatus Pleated Bird's Nest Fungus ? N
Dacrymyces deliquescens ? ? N
Dacrymyces palmatus Witches Butter Y N
Daedaleopsis confragosa Thin-Walled Maze Polypore N N
Daldinia grandis Carbon Ball N N
Elaphomyces granulatus Common Deer Truffle Y N
Exidia glandulosa Black Witch's Butter ? Y
Fomitopsis cajanderi Rosy Conk N N
Fomitopsis pinicola Red-Belted Conk N N
Fuligo septica Scrambled Egg Slime ? Y
Ganoderma applanatum Artist's Conk N N
Ganoderma oregonense OR Varnished Conk ? N
Ganoderma tsugae Hemlock Varnished Conk ? N
Geastrum saccatum Sessile Earth Star N N
Gomphidius glutinosus ? Y N
Gomphidius oregonensis Oregon Gomphidius Y N
Gomphidius smithii Non-Yellowing Gomphidius ? N
Gomphidius subroseus Rosy Gomphidius Y N
Gomphus kauffmanii Scaly Chanterelle P? N
Gomphus floccosus Wooly Chanterelle ? N
Guepiniopsis alpinus Poor Man's Gumdrop ? Y
Gymnopilus junonius (spectabilis) Big Laughing Jim ? N
Gymnopilus liquiritiae Bitter Gymnopilus ? N
Gymnopilus sapineus Common Jim ? N
Helvella lacunosa Fluted Black Elvin Saddle Y N
Helvella maculata Fluted Brown Elvin Saddle ? N
Hericium abietis Conifer Coral Hericium Y Y
Hydnellum peckii Strawberries and Cream N N
Hydnellum zonatum Zoned Hydnellum N N
Hygrocybe conica Witch's Hat P? N
Hygrocybe flavescens Golden Waxy Cap Y N
Hygrocybe miniata Miniature Waxy Cap Y N
Hygrocybe psittacina Parrot Waxy Cap Y Y
Hygrocybe punicea Scarlet Waxy Cap P? N
Hygrophoropsis aurantiaca False Chanterelle P? N
Hygrophorus (Hygrocybe) singeri Slimy Witch's Hat P? N
Hygrophorus hypothejus Olive-Brown Waxy Cap Y N
Hygrophorus pudorinus var. fragrans ? N ?
Hygrophorus subalpinus Subalpine Waxy Cap Y N
Hypholoma capnoides Conifer Tuft Y N
Hypomyces cervinigenus Helvella Eater P? N
Hypomyces lactifuorum Lobster M ? N
Laccaria amethysteo-occidentalis Amethyst Laccaria Y Y
Laccaria laccata Orange Laccaria Y Y
Lactarius deliciosus Delicious Milk Cap Y Y
Lactarius fallax Velvety Milk Cap ? N
Lactarius kauffmanii Kauffman's Milk Cap ? N
Lactarius luculentus var. laetus Brown-Staining Orange Milk Cap ? N
Lactarius subflammeus Orange Milk Cap ? N
Laetiporus conifericola Sulfur Shelf Y N
Leptonia carnea Indigo Leptonia ? N
Leucopaxillus amarus Bitter Brown Leucopaxillus N N
Lycogala sp. Wolf's Milk Slime ? N
Lycoperdon foetidum Dark Puffball Y Y
Lycoperdon nettyana ? ? Y
Lycoperdon perlatum Gemmed Puffball Y Y
Lycoperdon pyriforme Pear-Shaped Puffpall Y Y
Lyophyllum decastes Fried Chicken M Y Y
Marasmiellus candidus White Marasmiellus ? N
Marasmius androsaceus Horsehail Fungus ? N
Marasmius oreades Fairy Ring M Y Y
Melanoleuca melaleuca Changeable Melanoleuca Y N
Morchella esculenta Yellow Morel Y N
Mycena acicula ? ? N
Mycena adonis ? ? N
Mycena clavularis group Bark Mycena ? Y
Mycena epipterygia Yellow-Stemmed Mycena ? Y
Mycena haematopus Bleeding Mycena Y Y
Mycena leptocephala an Alkaline Mycena ? Y
Mycena pura ? ? Y
Mycena purpureofusca ? ? Y
Mycena viscosa ? ? Y
Nidula candida Jellied Bird's Nest Fungus ? Y
Nidula niveotomentosa Bird's Nest Fungus ? Y
Omphaliaster borealis? Northern Omphaliaster ? N
Omphalina ericetorum Lichen Agaric ? N
Otidea onotica Donkey Ears ? N
Panellus serotinus Late Oyster M Y N
Phaeolus schweinitzii Dyer's Polypore P? N
Pholiota aurivella (complex) Golden Pholiota ? N
Pholiota limonella ? ? N
Pholiota terrestris Terrestrial Pholiota Y N
Phylloporus rhodoxanthus Gilled Bolete Y Y
Plectania nannfeldtii Black Snowbank Cup Fungus ? N
Pleurotus ostreatus Oyster M Y Y (vomited)
Pleurotus porrigens Angel Wings Y N
Pluteus cervinus Deer M Y N
Pluteus pellitus White Deer M Y N
Polyporus arcularis Fringed Polypore N N
Polyporus badius Black Leg N N
Polyporus elegans Black Foot N N
Poria sp. Poria N N
Pseudohydnum gelatinosum Tooth Jelly Y Y
Pycnoporellus sp. ? ? N
Ramaria araiospora var. rubella Red Coral M Y N
Ramaria botrytis Pink-Tipped Coral M Y N
Ramaria fumigata Violet Coral M ? N
Ramaria myceliosa Rooted Ramaria ? N
Russula albonigra Blackening Russula ? N
Russula brevipes Short-Stemmed Russula Y Y
Russula cessans ? ? N
Russula cremoricolor Creamy Russula ? N
Russula integra   Y N
Russula laurocerasi Large Tan Fetid Russula P? N
Russula lilacea Lilac Russula ? N
Russula mariae Powdered Russula Y N
Russula sanguinea Rosy Russula N N
Russula xerampelina var. xerampelina Shrimp Russula Y Y
Sarcosoma mexicana Giant Gel Cup ? N
Schizophyllum commune Split Gill ? Y
Sparassis crispa Cauliflower M Y Y
Stemonitis splendens Chocolate Tube Slime ? N
Stereum hirsutum False Turkey Tail N N
Stereum striatum var. ochraceoflavum ? N N
Strobilurus trullisatus Cone Lover ? Y
Stropharia ambigua Questionable Stropharia ? Y
Stropharia riparia Stream Bank Stropharia ? N
Suillus caerulescens Doug-Fir Suillus Y Y
Suillus cavipes ? Y N
Suillus lakei Western Painted Suillus Y N
Suillus sibiricus Siberian Slippery Jack Y N
Tarzetta cupularis Pixie Cup ? N
Thelephora palmata Fetid False Coral ? N
Trametes versicolor Turkey Tail ? N
Tremella foliacea Brown Witch's Butter Y Y
Trichaptum abietinus Violet-Pored Bracket Fungus ? N
Tricholoma magnivelare Matsutake Y Y
Tricholomopsis rutilans Plums and Custard Y N
Tyromyces mollis Red-Staining Tyromyces ? N
Xeromphalina campanella Golden Trumpets ? N
Xeromphalina fulvipes ? ? N
Xylaria hypoxylon Candlesnuff Fungus N N


Fungi of the Santa Cruz, California Area

  • I have eaten all of these both cooked and raw
Scientific Common Edibility of Cooked Specimens
Agaricus arorae Arora's Agaricus ?
Agaricus arvensis Horse M Y
Agaricus cupreobrunneus Brown Meadow M Y
Agaricus hondensis Felt-Ringed Agaricus P
Agaricus osecanus Giant Horse M Y
Agrocybe pediades Common Agrocybe N
Aleuria aurantia Orange Peel Y
Amanita aspera Yellow-Veiled Amanita ?
Amanita calyptroderma Coccora Y
Amanita rubescens CA Blusher Y
Armillaria bulbosa European Honey M Y
Astraeus hygrometricus Hygroscopic Earth Star N
Bisporella citrina Yellow Fairy Cup ?
Boletus aereus Queen Bolete Y
Boletus appendiculatus Butter Bolete Y
Boletus marshii Ben's Bitter Bolete N
Bulgaria inquinans Poor Man's Licorice ?
Camarophyllus pratensis Meadow Waxy Cap Y
Camarophyllus russocoriaceus Cedar Waxy Cap ?
Caulorhiza umbonata Redwood Rooter ?
Chroogomphus vinicolor Pine Spike Y
Clavariadelphus pistillaris Common Club Coral Y
Clitocybe deceptiva Anise Mushroom Y
Clitocybe fragrans Fragrant Clitocybe ?
Clitocybe harperi Harper's Clitocybe ?
Clitocybe nebularis Cloudy Clitocybe Y
Collybia oregonensis Fragrant Collybia ?
Coprinus atramentarius Inky Cap Y
Coprinus lagopus Woolly Inky Cap ?
Cortinarius sodagnitus Bitter Lilac Cort P?
Craterellus cornucopioides Horn Of Plenty Y
Crucibulum laeve Common Bird's Nest Fungus ?
Daldinia grandis Carbon Ball N
Entoloma madidum (E. bloxami) Midnight Blue Entoloma Y
Fuligo septica Scranbled-Egg Slime N
Gymnopilus aeruginosus Gymnopilus P
Gymnopus villosipes (Collybia fuscopurpurea) ? ?
Helvella acetabulum Brown Ribbed Elfin Cup ?
Helvella compressa Compressed Elvin Saddle ?
Hericium erinaceus Lion's Mane Hericium Y
Hygrocybe acutoconica Conic Waxy Cap Y
Hygrocybe ceracea ? ?
Hygrocybe conica Witch's Hat ?
Hygrocybe parvula ? ?
Hygrocybe psittacina Parrot Waxy Cap Y
Hygrocybe virescens Lime-Green Waxy Cap ?
Hygrophorus albicastaneus Chestnut Waxy Cap ?
Hygrophorus eburneus Cowboy's Handkerchief Y
Hygrophorus whiteii White's Waxy Cap ?
Lactarius alnicola Golden Milk Cap N
Lactarius fragilis Candy Cap Y
Lenzites betulina Gilled Polypore N
Leocarpus sp. Insect-Egg Mass Slime N
Leotia lubrica Jelly Babies N
Leotia viscosa Chicken Lips N
Lepiota flammeatincta Flaming Parasol ?
Lepiota roseifolia Rosy Parasol ?
Leptonia carnea Indigo Leptonia ?
Leptonia nigroviolacea Violet-Black Leptonia ?
Leptonia serrulata Serrated Entoloma ?
Leucopaxillus albissimus Large White Leucopaxillus N
Lyophyllum loricatum Fried Chicken M Y
Marasmius androsaceus Horsehair Fungus N
Marasmius calhouniae ? ?
Melanoleuca melaleuca Changeable Melanoleuca Y
Morchella elata Black Morel Y
Mycena oregonensis Orange Mycena ?
Otidea leporina Yellow Ear ?
Panaeolus campanulatus (P. papilionaceus) Bell-Shaped Panaeolus P?
Panus conchatus Smooth Panus Y
Peziza sylvestris Fairy Tub ?
Phellodon tomentosus Zoned Phellodon ?
Pholiota malicola Common Pholiota ?
Pholiota terrestris Terrestrial Pholiota Y
Phylloporus rhodoxanthus Gilled Bolete Y
Phyllotopsis nidulans Orange Mock Oyster ?
Pisolithus tinctorius Dead Man's Foot N
Pithya vulgaris Orange Cup Fungus ?
Plectania melastoma Black Cup Fungus ?
Polyporus hirtus Bitter Polypore ?
Poria corticola Poria ?
Psathyrella gracilis Graceful Psathyrella ?
Ramaria rasilispora Yellow Coral M Y
Ramariopsis kunzei White Coral M Y
Rhizopogon rubescens Blushing False Truffle ?
Russula cyanoxantha Variegated Russula Y
Russula fragilis Fragile Russula N
Russula gracilis ? N
Russula grisea ? N
Sarcoscypha coccinea Scarlet Cup Fungus ?
Sarcosoma mexicana Giant Gel Cup ?
Scutellinia erinaceus Eyelash Pixie Cup ?
Stropharia semiglobata Hemishperical Stropharia ?
Suillus granulatus Granulated Slippery Jack ?
Suillus ponderosus Large Viscid Suillus ?
Suillus pungens Pungent Slippery Jack Y
Thelephora terrestris Earth Fan ?
Tricholoma imbricatum Shingled Tricholoma ?
Tricholoma zelleri Fetid Tricholoma ?
Tubaria furfuracea Tubaria ?
Tyromyces caesius Blue Cheese Polypore N
Tyromyces chioneus White Cheese Polypore N
Tyromyces fragilis Rusty Staining Cheese Polypore N
Xeromphalina campanella Fuzzy Foot ?
Text and Photos Copyright by Storm www.stoneageskills.com