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The Simplest Hunting Tool Since the Spear!

Grey Man of the Woods

So you're lost in the bush with only the clothes on your back and wish you could catch that "wascally wabbit" for supper, eh?! Trapping is an idea but you wish to stay on the move & traps need time to catch it. What options do you have? Maybe a spear? That will work good, but has a short kill range depending totally on your throwing strength, though thrusting is possible if you can get close enough (good stalking skills required).

Another option (less used for some weird reason) is the bow & arrow. Unfortunately you learned to make them but that takes time, weeks to years of time. BULLCRAP!!! It will be longer in the gathering of material as you walk along than in the making of the item... You will need find a couple of items.

  1. Straight sapling at least 6' long & 3-4" thick for bow. Use a sharp stone as an ax to cut it down if you have nothing else.
  2. Straight sapling at least 3' long & no more then 1" thick for arrow.
  3. A rough stone to sand off rough spots on arrow & splintering on bow.
  4. Some feathers for fletching.
  5. Sticky sap (evergreens like pine work best) to use for gluing. Solid chunks work best for carrying & can be melted with heat and applied.
  6. Some long grass for simple cordage use.
  7. Some sharp stones for carving & thick sticks for splitting the sapling (if you don't have a knife or ax), and a heavy duty stone for a hammer.
  8. FIRE

Now we are ready to build a bow that will give you a shot at Roger Rabbit & all his friends.



This diagram shows the basic shaping of the bow.

If the sapling has a natural curve, cut against it and this will add some recurve power to the bow once strung.

The string can be found on your shirt. By ripping off the hem at the bottom of the shirt & twisting it you will have string that will work just great for that purpose.

Using the fire as a heat source you can bend the arrow shaft in bent spots and make it straight over the flame and hold a few moments as it dries. The longer you hold it over the fire, the dryer it will be (don't dry it out so much as to be brittle!), but a quick job will work in a pinch so long as the curve is not bad enough to be noted. Try a practice shot to see how the arrow flies.

You will also use the fire to harden a point on the business end of your arrow, with burning & scraping off the charcoal until you come to a point.

Fletching is a simple matter. Split the feathers down the middle and apply glue (sap) down the bottom half of the feather you are using. Apply it to the arrow shaft tying the feathers down on the starting end with some long grass (or string you may have etc.). You want function NOT fashion.

Take a few practice shots to get the feel for the bow & how the arrow flies. More arrows mean more shots, but each arrow will fly differently as they are rough & not 'proper' arrows. But will kill a rabbit or deer just as easily.
On another note... There are some sources that just lend themselves fully to the making of a bow.

This bow was made from the branch of a palm tree. The handgrip on it is a rope weaved from the leaves of the branch & the arrow was carved from another branch.
If you're just after small game (rabbit & such) then this would work perfectly. The string is 170lb. test hemp & the colored wrapping is simple cotton yarn.
I made it as a gift for a Lakota Shaman I know as a reminder that Mother Earth still spawns children that understand her bounty & how to enjoy it without excess.

In fact, I often wonder while watching 'Wilderness Survival' shows why they would rather go hungry than make a simple hunting tool like this. I often wonder if they truly know how to live or just simply how to get by in the bush. For within a hour of having all your materials, you can now hunt as you move on seeking a way back to civilization.

If you want a GOOD bow then it will take time and effort. What I offer you here is a quick and effective tool that will allow you to hunt & defend yourself from predators. It will eventually break down if not outright break over time & use, but you just want something that works "right now", not a trophy piece.